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Abby Cadabby on 'Sesame Street' has a new stepbrother: Rudy!

There's a new monster on "Sesame Street"!

And he's awfully cute, as monsters go.

Meet Rudy, who's moving into one of our most beloved neighborhood toward the end of this season — and who'll be sharing space with one of the locals: Abby Cadabby!

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Elmo and Abby Cadabby introduce new 'Sesame Street' character Rudy

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Elmo and Abby Cadabby introduce new 'Sesame Street' character Rudy

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That's because he'll be her new stepbrother, as the characters and Elmo explained during a visit to TODAY Friday. The show wants kid viewers to learn about how blended families can work using Abby and Rudy as examples.

Coming to a new home was "a little bit scary at first because I didn't know anybody," Rudy said. "But Abby introduced me to everybody on the street. And then it was fun!"

The long-running educational series last introduced a new character in March, bringing Julia, a 4-year-old with autism, to the show.

So what's the story? Well, Abby's mom has married Rudy's dad. And the two are not really very alike on the surface, since Abby's a fairy and Rudy is a monster.

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Rudy is meeting all the most interesting people in the neighborhood, like Al Roker, Brad Paisley and Elmo, thanks to his new stepsister Abby Cadabby.

But underneath they're learning how to become sister and brother, a lifetime process that's made a little bit more challenging when siblings come from different parents.

As Abby noted, it's about finding things you can share with each other. "All of us come from different places, right? But we all have some things in common ... We have soccer in common!"

Still, we suspect that now that Rudy has found his way to "Sesame Street," Abby will be able to work her magic personality on him. We can't wait to see what adventures they come up with!

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