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Aaron Paul is horrified by his 'awful' '90210' role thanks to 'Leno'

"Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul may have two Emmy awards under his belt and another nomination this year, but when he first started acting, he wasn't quite the thespian he is today.

On Tuesday, the actor appeared on "Tonight Show With Jay Leno," and his host didn't let him forget his more humble beginnings. To be specific, his early gig on the original "90210."

"That was actually I think ... if not my first job, one of my first jobs ever," Paul told Leno. He portrayed a high-school student who was playing the role of Romeo for West Beverly's production of "Romeo and Juliet" in the 1999 episode.

But it wasn't enough for Leno to merely discuss Paul's early experience — he also had a clip to share.

"Oh no!" the actor groaned.

He watched with a look of horror on his face as his not-quite-Emmy-worthy performance aired. "That was awful!" he declared afterward. "Oh. My. Good God."

He's come quite far with his work as Jesse Pinkman, wouldn't you say?