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'90210's' 7 craziest story lines

Patrick Ecclesine / Today
The cast of "90210."

Over the course of five seasons, the kids of The CW's “90210” have seen their share of drama. From kidnappings (multiple!) to various run-ins with the law, the plot lines have always been a bit far-fetched.

As the show bids its final farewell with its series finale Monday, we take a look back at some of the jaw-dropping (and mind-boggling) twists.

7. 18-year-old Liam buys a bar (season 4)

Despite the fact that he is barely out of high school, Liam (Matt Lanter) buys a beachfront bar during the fourth season’s premiere episode. Say what?! Yes, after Annie (Shenae Grimes) turned down his proposal, Liam spent all night drinking at the establishment, only to learn the next morning that he had purchased it from its owner the night before. Despite the fact that he is three years shy of the legal drinking age, he is able to open, run and turn the Offshore into a hip nightlife spot where all of the gang is able to drink. Illegally, of course.

6. Annie commits a hit-and-run on prom night (season 1)

At a post-prom party, an infuriated Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) accused Annie of sleeping with her boyfriend. The false accusation caused Annie to jump in her car and speed home, and while driving distracted, she hit a pedestrian on a deserted road. The first season ends with Annie driving away without getting out of her car to check on the man, who ended up dying. In a strange twist, she ends up dating his nephew.

5. Adrianna kidnaps the daughter she gave up for adoption (season 4)

When Silver (Jessica Stroup) discovered that the new guy she was dating was the adoptive father of the daughter Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) gave up for adoption during the first season, she tried to hide the news from her friend. Adrianna eventually found out, of course, and desperate to spend time with her daughter, took the little girl from her day care.

4. Annie becomes a prostitute (season 4)

After her brother Dixon (Tristan Wilds) developed a drug addiction, Annie became determined to get him the help he needed by sending him to a pricey rehab facility. Unfortunately, the inheritance money she was expecting was late, so she took a job as a professional escort. (Great idea ...) She eventually began dating Patrick, who paid her to sleep with him. She used the money to fund Dixon’s rehab stay, but didn't tell anyone how she got her hands on the money. Annie eventually wrote a best-selling book about her experiences as a call girl.

3. Naomi is raped by a teacher (season 2)

Naomi made faculty member Mr. Cannon’s life miserable after she falsely accused him of sexually harassing her. Then one night, when she was alone at school with him, he raped her. When Mr. Cannon drugged Silver and attempted to take advantage of her too, Naomi’s sister and teacher, Ryan, convinced her to press charges against Mr. Cannon. Naomi’s troubles continued when she and Silver are held hostage in her home by her crazed teacher.

2. Adrianna switches Silver’s pills (season 3)

After Adrianna discovered that Silver had been hooking up with her boyfriend, Navid (Michael Steger), she plotted to get revenge. She broke into Silver’s house and tampered with her bipolar medication, which eventually caused Silver to act erratically. Silver then had mental breakdown and was checked into a mental hospital by Navid and Dixon.

1.Liam almost gets shipped to Mexico in a crate (season 5)

In what is arguably one of the most outlandish plot lines in “90210” history, Liam was kidnapped by Ashley, a crazed fan who pretends to be a police escort sent over from his movie studio to protect him. Fearful that Liam is rekindling his old flame with Vanessa (Arielle Kebbel), Ashley told a tied-up Liam that she was going to ship him to Mexico in a crate. Luckily, Annie and Vanessa came looking for Liam and found him before Ashley can carry out her plan, but Annie ends up getting shot in the chest while attempting to free him.

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