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‘90210’ spin-off creator spills plot details

According to a report by E! Online, the pilot will include a brief appearance by a young high-school character named Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Get ready for the drama. “Veronica Mars” creator Rob Thomas, who wrote the pilot for the as-of-yet-untitled “90210” spin-off, recently revealed some of the plot details to People.

“The guy who gets hired as the new principal brings his family of four from Kansas to Beverly Hills. The principal, himself, graduated from West Beverly High School,” Thomas told People. “The grandmother — the principal’s mother — is a Julie Christie-like actress who is once again going into rehab.”

The family will have two children, one of which is expected to work, likely at a movie theatre, Thomas said, although there may be more employment opportunities of the restaurant variety.

Thomas also said he hopes to bring back “90210” diner — The Peach Pit.

More rumored plot details have also surfaced. According to a report by E! Online, the pilot will include a brief appearance by a young high school character named Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez — the child of none other than “90210” original cast member Andrea Zuckerman (Gabrielle Carteris).

Hannah reportedly appears in a quick scene as the host of the school’s news show, “Blaze.”

In addition, at least one of the original West Beverly Hills alumni may return, as well.

“There is a plan for bringing back one of the cast members,” Thomas said, noting none of the original stars had been approached.

One former cast member who certainly wouldn't mind a return to West Beverly is none other than Donna Martin — aka, Tori Spelling.

“I would love to be a part of it,” Tori told Access Hollywood.

She even has some ideas about whom she could play.

“Who would I play? I would play the sexy (mom) obviously,” Spelling laughed. “Every teen drama has a (hot mom) — stepmother of course because I couldn't possibly have a teenage daughter.”

And the actress, whose father produced the original, is thrilled to hear of its return.

“I think it's a good idea,” Spelling told Access. “‘90210’ was really the first of its kind, the first teen drama. It kind of laid the way for other shows — ‘Dawson's Creek,’ ‘The OC.’”

The zip code also has its first official resident. Dustin Milligan is the first star officially attached to the  spin-off, reps for The CW confirmed to Access.

Milligan, a 22-year-old Canadian actor, previously starred as Henry in the short-lived CW drama “Runaway.”

He also recently appeared on an episode of The CW’s “Supernatural.”

Milligan’s movie credits include “Final Destination 3,” “The Messengers” and “Slither.”