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Baby, it's cold outside! Here are 9 films that'll keep you toasty warm in a blizzard

Image: Films to keep you warm

The East Coast is currently being blanketed by a blizzard that's expected to drop more snow at once than some of us have seen in a lifetime. And while there are sure to be snow bunnies who'll be happy to frolic in the flakes, plenty of us are all set to hunker down at home for the duration. 

So if you're doing some midweek nesting, here are nine films all set to keep you toasty warm — in more ways than one:


'Rear Window' (1954)
It's Alfred Hitchcock's classic story of a man with a broken leg (Jimmy Stewart) who spends his healing time cozying up with his girlfriend (Grace Kelly) and ogling the mysterious goings-on across the courtyard from his apartment, and it all takes place in an A/C-free world during a hot summer. "Rear Window" is both suspenseful and steamy. 

'The Seven Year Itch' (1955)
Ever wondered why Marilyn Monroe stood over a subway grate to let her skirt fly up in that iconic scene from "The Seven Year Itch"? Because it was hot, hot, hot in the city! And, well, she's Marilyn Monroe. Watch as her neighbor (Tom Ewell), stuck in town while his family heads out for cooler climes, gets very hot under the collar about her.

'Lawrence of Arabia' (1962)
If you just look at sand and think heat, this is the movie for you. Aside from being an breathtaking tale of adventure and colonial power in the Middle East, you've got the sizzling hot Peter O'Toole and acres and acres of blasted, sandy desert to stare at in this lush production from David Lean. 

'The Towering Inferno' (1974)
Thinking of skipping the warm sandy beach and going directly to flames? No problem: In this pulpy precursor (in some ways) to "Die Hard," a building goes up in flames for nearly three hours while its inhabitants try to flee and the folks on the ground scratch their heads at how this could have happened. Added hotness? Steve McQueen and Paul Newman are very easy on the eyes.

'Firestarter' (1984)
Little Charlie (an adorable Drew Barrymore, fresh off "E.T.") has an amazing talent — she can set things ablaze with her mind. Convenient for folks with a hearth, terrifying for some big bad government folks who want to lock her up. Things do not go well — but they do get warm —when one converges on the other in this adaptation of Stephen King's novel.

'9 1/2 Weeks' (1986)
What Mickey Rourke does to Kim Basinger with ice cubes we probably can't discuss in this forum, but if you want to get all warmed up before seeing "Fifty Shades of Grey," this is the erotic film for you. Plus, you'll never look at the inside of your refrigerator the same way again — talk about getting hot while cold.

'Do the Right Thing' (1989)
Spike Lee's pizza delivery man character also uses ice cubes, but in his case, it's to cool down Rosie Perez (which really is not possible). In the Brooklyn-based heat wave film, which Lee also directed, racial tensions boil over and thanks to some amazing cinematography, the scenes really do convey how sticky and sweaty the city can be.

'Sunshine' (2007)
Just before he went on to win the Oscar for "Slumdog Millionaire," director Danny Boyle sent a team of space travelers right into the sun. As the spacecraft nears the star and everything begins melting, you'll consider turning on your air conditioner to keep from frying.

'Magic Mike' (2012)
Though shot in cool blues and purples, "Magic Mike" is a movie to stir the senses and get you up and dancing, thanks to copious shots of the magnificent bodies of actors like Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum and, of course, Joe Manganiello. "Alright, alright, alright!"

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