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8 memorable moments that prove Hoda Kotb rocked her 50th year

No one embraced turning the big 5-0 more than our own Hoda Kotb! In honor of her 51st birthday, check out her greatest moments this past year.
/ Source: TODAY

No one embraced turning the big 5-0 more than our own Hoda Kotb!

She lives every day like most people hope to live their last. In honor of our Egyptian goddess’ 51st birthday on Sunday, we wanted to relive some of her great moments this past year.

1. She changed the game at New York Fashion Week

Hoda slayed the runway as she danced and sang “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, all in the name of charity! She even took some time to mingle with Leah Still, the 4-year-old daughter of NFL defensive lineman Devon Still, who had just finished up a cancer treatment.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

2. She found her true calling (and totally threw down) during “Lip Sync Battle”

Hoda sang “Uptown Funk” every chance she got over the past year, after championing the song (and basically putting the jam on the map) for her weekly iHoda playlist. It only makes sense that she used the hit as her secret weapon during a lip sync battle against Michael Strahan, and in the process, lived her dream as a performer.

Hoda Kotb performs on Lip Sync Battle
Hoda Kotb brought down the house during her performance of \"Uptown Funk\" on Lip Sync Battle.Lip Sync Battle on Spike / YouTube

3. She continued her bond with pup Blake

Hoda had to go six weeks without her furry best friend Blake, while he was at doggie boot camp for behavioral training. Out of this sorrow, however, came a beautiful reunion when Hoda laid eyes on her four-legged family member for the first time after he returned from camp.

Hoda reunites with her dog, Blake

4. She spilled the secrets to her happy life

Our girl Hoda has the ability to light up a room with her glowing smile and happiness. Earlier this summer she shared her secrets to happiness. We're taking note Hoda!

5. She made her ‘movie’ debut and saved the world from killer sharks in ‘Sharknado 3’

We cannot give Hoda all of the credit for essentially stealing the show in “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” She could not have saved the universe without her partner-in-crime, Kathie Lee Gifford. The duo appropriately defended themselves from the deadly creatures with shards of wine bottles. Hoda’s theatrical facial expressions truly gave the television movie new life and reinvented the way we repurpose wine bottles.

Kathie Lee and Hoda in Sharknado

6. She survived the Twizzler challenge… twice!

After being challenged by her sidekick Kathie Lee, Hoda took on the Twizzler challenge with the legendary Regis. Let’s just say Regis took full advantage of the intimate moment and made it one Hoda would never forget.

Regis and Hoda take part in the Twizzler challenge

She took it like a champ and even whipped the Twizzlers back out again when Flo Rida stopped by (because who wouldn’t?).

Flo Rida and Hoda Kotb

7. Her dance moves get better with age

Thirstday Thursday is a day arguably better than any other solely because of iHoda. While Hoda plays her favorite song for the week, she rocks out to some of the greatest dance moves. She also has the magical ability to memorize every single lyric.

Hoda's best dance moves

8. She's not afraid to believe in love again

Hoda has been pretty open with viewers about her love life, until recently. She kept the identity of her current boyfriend Joel under wraps for almost two years, and only referred to him as "Boots." Then, in January, Hoda revealed a picture and the name of her beau during the show. Now, we can't help but melt every time she talks about him!

Cheers to 50 more happy, wine-filled years, Hoda. We love you!

Hoda Kotb celebrates her 51st birthday on TODAY
TODAY Show: Hoda Kotb celebrates her 51st birthday on TODAY with Kathie Lee Gifford, Lilliana Vasquez, and Jill Martin.Samantha Okazaki / TODAY