50 Cent's first pitch at Mets game is just terrible

50 Cent
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By Gael Fashingbauer Cooper

You can find 50 Cent in da club, but you can find his first pitch at Tuesday night's Mets game way outside the club somewhere. The rapper's ceremonial toss was so far away from catcher Anthony Recker's glove that it was as if Fiddy was throwing to another ballpark entirely.

50 Cent was wearing a Mets jersey with the number "50" on it and his real last name, Jackson (he was born Curtis Jackson). But although he may have looked the part of a major-leaguer (at least till you got to his jeans), he didn't act one. His pitch, thrown lefthanded, seemed aimed at the dugout — or the lineup of cameramen — rather than at home plate.

Sports sites were quick to wonder if 50 Cent's pitch was worse than that thrown by Washington Wizards basketball star John Wall back in 2011. Wall's attempt bounced off the grass as if he'd intended to throw it straight down.

Wall was able to joke about his terrible toss later on Twitter.



50 Cent is also a Twitter user, and was tweeting from the game. 

At press time, he had yet to address his now-infamous pitch, though fans weren't letting him off easy. "Well, let's not discuss that first pitch," one fan teased.

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