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50 Cent takes aim at Diddy on Twitter

The rapper claims the hip-hop mogul is exploiting the late Notorious B.I.G.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

50 Cent is back on the attack — and he's taking aim at Diddy.

50 Cent and Rick Ross had their war of words over a year ago, but the G-Unit boss' animosity hasn't died, it's been redirected at Diddy.

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On July 7, the rapper launched a Twitter-based petition through his affiliate site, BooBooTV, against Diddy, attacking the hip-hop mogul for what 50 called an exploitation of the late Notorious B.I.G.

"Enough is enough, Biggie's name should never have become Diddy's Black Card. Just check out his latest video 'The Ghost of Christopher Wallace.' Let Diddy know to let B.I.G. rest in peace." 50 wrote in the petition, titled "R.I.P. B.I.G. — Stop @iamDiddy." "When was the last time Diddy really was 'biggin up his brother,' not biggin up his bank?"

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While 50 Cent's petition was allegedly sparked by Diddy's decision to align with Ross — who he recently signed to his new hip-hop group, The Dream Team — it wasn't the first time he had thrown shots at the Bad Boy CEO. Back in 2006, 50 Cent released a mixtape titled "Hip Hop," which accused the then-Puff Daddy of being too scared to avenge Biggie's death. Since then, the "21 Questions" singer has continued to criticize Diddy for comparing Ross to the legendary Biggie Smalls.

So far, 50 Cent's petition has received over 1,400 signatures thus far.