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50 Cent not laughing at Rihanna’s expense

The rapper had posted a video poking fun at the alleged incident between Rihanna and Chris Brown, but then had a change of heart when he saw a photo of Rihanna.
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The alleged assault Rihanna suffered at the hands of boyfriend Chris Brown is no laughing matter, according to 50 Cent. While the sentiment seems obvious, it marks a change of heart for the rapper, who mocked the incident in a video posted to his Web site earlier this month.

“I thought that was something that you could use for humor, like any other comedian or someone else would utilize current events,” he told MTV News. “After I saw the photographs of Rihanna, that wasn’t funny anymore.”

Apparently, 50 Cent originally envisioned the event as a mutual domestic disturbance, leading him to portray Brown and Rihanna as “Street Fighter”-like video game characters in his “Officer Ricky” animated Web series.

“There’s a point you’re already past a woman fighting you back,” he explained. “You look at (the photograph), and it obviously went past that point, so there’s some issues there that definitely gotta be addressed. Not to take any shots at Chris or Rihanna or to take sides in any way, but it’s really not cool. It’s not funny at all anymore. That’s why there won’t be no more references to that from me in any way.”

Drew Barrymore isn’t a fan of Jennifer Aniston’s main man Drew Barrymore just isn’t that into Jennifer Aniston’s off-again, on-again boyfriend, John Mayer. A source close to the actress told the National Enquirer Barrymore believes Aniston can do better when it comes to finding the right man.

“The first time Jen introduced twice-divorced Drew to John, they clashed,” Barrymore’s friend said. “They bickered for so long that Jen had to step in and change the subject.”

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The insider revealed Barrymore can’t get past the loose-lipped lothario’s reputation and doesn’t want to see her celebrity pal get hurt.

“Drew told Jen she could do way better and she’d be a fool to settle for him,” the source recalled. “And even though Jen is crazy in love with John, I think a part of her is worried that Drew may be right.”

Kitt’s publicist speaks on Oscar oversight Stars come and go, and traditionally, when the biggest names take their final bow, they’re honored in the Academy Awards’ annual In Memoriam tribute.

This year, the Academy remembered dozens of late industry legends, but completely overlooked film and television actress Eartha Kitt, who died last Christmas at the age of 81.

“The producers are either 12 or have been living under a rock for the past 60 years,” Kitt’s publicist Andrew Freedman told the New York Post. “It’s clear that they thought that publicist Warren Cowan (who was featured in the montage) was more of a household name. Go figure.”

Dish on the fly Just days after a near-fatal chimpanzee attack made the headlines, reality star Kim Kardashian posted a picture of a young chimp to her blog and boasted, “WE GOT A MONKEY!!!!” After many of her readers questioned her timing (and helpfully pointed out that an ape and a monkey aren’t the same thing), Kardashian offered an apology. “I understand my timing was not appropriate and it was insensitive of me, so I want to explain,” she wrote. “The pictures I posted are from six months ago when we were filming season three of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians.’ I had held onto these pictures for months and preset them to run the month before my show was going to air, to give you guys exclusive glimpses into season three.” Turns out, the chimp was a rental and is no longer a member of the Kardashian clan.

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