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5 most amazing moments from 'The Office' series finale

It's really over! After nine seasons, "The Office" delivered a jam-packed 75-minute finale farewell on Thursday night. Coincidentally, around that same time, fans of the sitcom collectively got a little something in their eyes. (Sniff!)

OK, sure, those were tears, but who could blame anyone for turning on the waterworks in between all of the laughs? It was a night of relationships, resolutions and amazing moments after all.

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Angela and Dwight tied the knot!

Dwangela dweds
After a season full of "Jam" drama, it was nice to see another couple steal the spotlight for a little while. Dwight finally put a ring on it and made Angela his wife -- and it wasn't just any ring. It was the one "taken from the buttocks of (his) grandmother." The two stood in their very own shallow graves as they swapped vows to, as the officiant explained, remind them "that this is the only way out of what they're about to do."

Bonus? All the wedding presents were cats!

The boss came back
But before Dwight could stand in his grave, he needed a best man (or "bestest mensch") by his side. It was a role he originally gave to prankster Jim, who in turn pulled a last minute switcheroo and passed it off to an old pal.

"Michael, I can't believe you came!" Dwight said in amazement.

The former bossman replied the only way he knew how: "That's what she said!"

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Pam makes Athleap of faith
Of course, eventually, it had to come back to Jam. The fan-favorite couple took a beating this season, thanks to Jim's big ambitions and Pam's big fears. In the penultimate episode of the season, Jim made a grand gesture, offering up the ultimate clip reel to prove his devotion. In the series ender, Pam returned the favor by selling their home and inviting him to make his mark in Athleap (aka the-business-venture-formerly-known-as-Athlead).

There were plenty of character updates to be had on finale night. Ryan and Kelly were back on -- and more selfish than ever. Stanley retired to the Everglades and carved birds. Kevin was fired (via cake), and bought his own bar. But none of those were quite as entertaining as one very special update.

Creed, of The Grass Roots, drug-running and endangered-meat monger fame, popped up throughout the episode. After faking his own death, he snuck into the wedding, hid out in the office and sang his former fellow coworkers a sentimental ditty -- all before police dragged him away.

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Clocking out
But the most amazing moment of it all was the end of it all. Each of the characters shared words of wisdom, but no one summed it up as well as Andy, who said, "I wish there was a way to know you are in the good ol' days before you've left them."

Don't we all?