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4 simple DIY videos for wearing hair scarf, learning to juggle, speaking French, more

Zayna Aston from YouTube shows how you can learn a new skill like speaking a foreign language or juggling and finding an easy hack for cutting kiwi, by watching some of the top videos on YouTube.

WATCH: Want a new skill? Try DIY YouTube videos

Bonjour! Learn how to speak French
Impress your friends by speaking French with a little help from teacher Alexa Polidora.

How to juggle three balls
Release your inner jester by following these six steps that will teach you how to juggle three balls in no time. 

Food hacks for cutting tomatoes, making tasty nacho dishes, more
Sorted Food has more than 500 videos showing food hacks and kitchen shortcuts to simplify your life.

4 ways to tie a head scarves
Head scarfs are a hot trend this summer. Join the more than 800,000 people who have learned four different ways to wear them.