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30 Rock's Latest Guest Star Score: Condoleezza Rice?!

One of the most powerful women in politics is coming to 30 Rock. And no, it's not her. As if!
/ Source: E!online

One of the most powerful women in politics is coming to 30 Rock. And no, it's not her. As if!

Instead, it's going to be former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (a long-established former flame of Jack Donaghy's) who will be dropping in on Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and the rest of the liberal elite over at TGS.

And if Tracy Morgan goes the entire episode without once claiming she's his birth mother, we'll be shocked.

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Fey made the announcement yesterday, both to an excited crowd at a Bossypants book signing at the Sixth &I Historic Synagogue in Washington D.C., as well as on NPR's Leonard Lopate Show.

"Every now and then we hear that someone wants to come, but usually we ask them. Usually we try and do it where we write the part first, so that we have something good to offer them. 'Cause all actors like to see, you know, a juicy part," she told Lopate.

"We have some good--coming up in the next few weeks before we wrap, we have another few amazing cameos. One, I'm going to make an executive decision that I'm allowed to talk about this--we have Condoleezza Rice coming up in a couple weeks on the show."

There's no word on her storyline yet, though just last month it was revealed that the 30 Rocker reached out to President Clinton's staff in an attempt to woo him onto the 100th episode of the program. They demurred on his behalf.

As for Condi, her own chief of staff confirmed the casting coup to E! News, revealing that she taped the episode in New York last month.

As for the good doctor, Rice has been referred to several times on the show, notably during the first season, when Donaghy vowed to kick Vladimir Putin's teeth in if he went near her. Yeah, this has international incident written all over it.

Set your DVRs, folks.

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