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'30 Rock' moms Fey and Krakowski didn't get the Beyonce treatment

Finally! After a longer-than-usual break between seasons, thanks to the arrival of actress and show creator Tina Fey's newest addition, "30 Rock" returns to Thursday night's primetime lineup this week. Fey and her fellow off-screen mom and "Rock" star Jane Krakowski visited TODAY Tuesday morning to tease the action to come.

Well, they teased the show, but only after they teased another celebrity mom – Beyonce.

As it turned out, both actresses used the same hospital that hosted Beyonce and baby Blue Ivy -- New York's Lenox Hill -- but their stays lacked the alleged A-List treatment the singer received.

"We had very similar experiences to Beyonce and Jay-Z," Krakowski joked.

"My celebrity treatment at Lenox Hill involved taking a group breastfeeding class in a closet," Fey added. "It's clearly supposed to be a storage closet with a bunch of other mothers, and a nurse grabs one of your breasts and another lady's and is shoving them in a baby's mouth."

When Fey followed up the jibe with praise for the hospital's nursing staff, TODAY host Matt Lauer wondered if that could be a hint that she planned to use their maternity services again.

"No! Next time I'm there, it'll be with a broken leg."

Zing! Fans of "30 Rock" will get plenty more laughs from the ladies when the new season kicks off, as a clip of what's to come revealed.

"In our show-within-a-show, in our fake NBC world, there's a new show called 'America's Kids Got Singing,'" Fey explained, setting up the sneak peek. "Jane's character, Jenna, is a judge. She's kind of the mean, Simon Cowell judge."

Cut to Jenna's perfect worst-than-Cowell impression.

"I'm about to get raw with you," she's seen telling one young auditioner. "You're weird, Libby. Even if you could sing, with that face, it would be like eating a steak that just came out of a dumpster. Here's my advice, Libby. Go and work on your presentation. Take voice lessons. Then seal yourself in a barrel and fall off of a waterfall."

And Krakowski's character isn't the only one with a new vibe.

"Liz Lemon's finally got it together," Fey said. "We're kind of catching up with her in the middle of her year. She's uncharacteristically happy, and they're trying to figure out what it is."

In addition to those promising plot points, there's more good news for "30 Rock" fans. Despite past predictions to the contrary from actor Alec Baldwin, the cast -- including Baldwin -- are ready and willing to show up for another season.

"We're all ready to come back if NBC wants up back," Fey said. "I'd love that."

The season premiere of "30 Rock" airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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