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'30 Rock' gets real with 'Housewives' spoof

The first all-new episode of “30 Rock” to air in weeks wasn’t really an episode of “30 Rock” at all. Sure, Liz, Jack and the rest of the “TGS” gang were present, but they were all just part the show’s ongoing “Real Housewives” spoof, “Queen of Jordan”

On Thursday night, “Queen of Jordan” went from being a background gag to being the whole production, and Angie Jordan went from simply being Tracy Jordan’s better half to being the perfect made-for-Bravo bride. While Angie diva’ed her way through the day, the regulars were introduced to her reality TV audience. There was “Pete, Powerless Bald,” “Jenna, Former Child Star,” and “Liz, Another Person.”

One familiar face rated some extra screen time. Frank scored the “moving moment” of the production by coming face-to-face with his former teacher, lover and newly released felon, Lynn Onkmann (played by guest star Susan Sarandon).

The show-within-show bit worked well, but fans can look forward to the return of the regular "30 Rock" action next week.