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3 things we learned about Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling was on TODAY Monday to chat about the upcoming season of "Project Mindy" — and swung by the Orange Room, where we learned three things about her: 

Tina Fey is her Michael Jordan: But I also look at somebody like Tyler Perry. He's kind of unlikely some would think, but he's built an empire on something totally unique and I think he's pretty amazing too. I get inspiration from a lot of different sources.

She wants to know how Breaking Bad ends, just like you: I'm so excited about seeing the finale...I just can't imagine they have any more because the last episode was so crazy.

If she could hang with anyone fictional or not, she'd drink with Bridget Jones: Bridget Jones seems like she would party and we'd have a lot of the same things to talk about...But also Michael Fassbender, because I hear he can throw down, and he's easy on the eyes. And of course Abraham Lincoln because he was one of our greatest presidents.

The whole gang back together again #themindyproject #thetodayshow

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