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The 21 Most-Asked Questions About Justin Bieber!

Happy Justin Bieber movie debut week! With Never Say Never, his just amazingly awesome 3-D documentary coming to theaters way too near you, questions about the Beeb are all the rage.
/ Source: E!online

Happy Justin Bieber movie debut week! With Never Say Never, his just amazingly awesome 3-D documentary coming to theaters way too near you, questions about the Beeb are all the rage.

In celebration of this outstanding feat in entertainment, I have assembled the definitive Justin Bieber FAQ, based on the questions you keep asking me--and Yahoo! and Google.

With any luck, you will never, ever have another question about Justin Bieber again. Here goes:

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1. Did Justin Bieber crop his hair?

It did appear gently trimmed during this week's premiere of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. But he may be getting even zanier with the scissors; he hinted to Barbara Walters in December that he plans to "cut it probably soon."

2. Did Justin Bieber admit he's dating Selena Gomez?

No. But he didn't not admit it either. Check out his bobbing and weaving on this issue in our exclusive red carpet interview.

3. Did Justin Bieber punch a 12-year-old?

A kid did claim that Bieber roughed him up last October during a rousing game of laser tag, but no charges were ever filed, and the matter was dropped.

4. Did Justin Bieber almost live his life in obscurity?

Every star almost lives his life in obscurity. Until they audition for something, or get born to Kris Jenner. Still, Bieber did have a hard time finding a label. "Everyone passed on Justin," his manager, Scooter Braun, tells The Hollywood Reporter. "They all said the same thing: 'He's too young.' 'No one's broken from YouTube.'" Eventually, of course, Bieber did get signed, and the rest is history.

5. Did Justin Bieber die?

No. But I can tell you this exclusively: One day he is going to die.

6. Did Justin Bieber's voice change?

It is in the process of dipping toward the basso profundo, yes. But as Bieber recently told Matt Lauer, the singer has a voice coach helping him through the inevitable change.

7. Did Justin Bieber once ask out Rihanna?

Yes. And they went to dinner in New York City in November, though it wasn't exactly romantic.

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8. Did Justin Bieber ever diss Mariah Carey?


9. Did Justin Bieber really diss a reporter?

He does not have a good track record with the media. Producers of an Australian TV show have accused him of rudeness and cussing--which he has denied. But there is video of Bieber being cranky to a crew closer to home as well.

10. Did Justin Bieber ever get any taller?

Apparently, though exactly how much taller he has gotten, or is going to get, is unclear. Apparently he did grow during the 2009-2010 period, if this report is any indication.

11. Did Justin Bieber get a tattoo?

Yes. It depicts a bird--a reported homage to the 1970s self-help novel Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Per the owner of the tattoo parlor, Bieber "didn't cry" as he got inked. Odd. If I had to wear a tattoo inspired by Jonathan Livingston Seagull, I would bawl like an infant.

12. Did Justin Bieber just have a birthday?

No. But if need to plan your own extravaganza to celebrate Bieber's 17th year on this undeserving Earth, plan to take a day off from work on March 1.

13. Did Justin Bieber really say that Katy Perry is hot?

He's said plenty of girls are hot. He has described Kim Kardashian--survivor of Belieber death threats--as "being, like, extremely hot." As for other women, well, he's also been quoted as saying he wants to take Emma Watson "out to dinner."

14. Did Justin Bieber ever fall in love?

He told Interview that he's never been in love. Unless you count Beyonc: "I've been totally in love with her since I was 7."

15. Did Justin Bieber really get booed once?

Yes. When he appeared on an overhead scoreboard at a Knicks game.

16. Did Justin Bieber get adopted by Usher?


17. Did Justin Bieber meet the president?


18. Did Justin Bieber go on Oprah?


19. Did Justin Bieber come from poverty?

Yep. His mom tells the Ottawa Citizen that, before Bieber's discovery, "We were living below the poverty line."

20. Did Justin Bieber get arrested?

If you're talking about the incident in which Bieber hit Maryland state troopers with water balloons, no. He did not get arrested or go to jail for that alleged behavior. You, however, would.

21. Did Justin Bieber really say he wants to feed some lady a bucket of chicken?

Depends on whether you believe the British tabs. The Daily Star quoted Bieber as being an admirer of Brit popster Cheryl Cole. Per the tab, Bieber said, "We could go and have a romantic meal in LA, or I know she loves KFC, so we could get a bucket of chicken and sit on the beach and just talk."

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