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19-year-old fan scores dream duet with Bruce Springsteen at Philadelphia show

"Dude, that was so good. You killed it!" Springsteen told Matthew Aucoin after their duet to "No Surrender" in Philadelphia.
/ Source: TODAY

Standing in front of 50,000 people didn't faze Matthew Aucoin much. But playing next to Bruce Springsteen onstage? Now, that's a different story!

The 19-year-old from Spring, Texas, has been to 13 Springsteen concerts, but had never seen the Boss play near his hometown in New Jersey. So, the Texas A&M University sophomore and his dad, Pat Aucoin, traveled up to Philadelphia to watch the "Born in the U.S.A." singer rock out from the mosh pit Friday night.

"My dad got me into his music when I was younger and now I'm the one dragging him to shows!" Aucoin told TODAY.

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Knowing Springsteen is always on the lookout for signs in the audience, Aucoin made one that asked, "Can a college kid play 'No Surrender' with you?"

Sure enough, he could!

Springsteen holding up the sign Aucoin made asking to play "No Surrender" with him.Courtesy of Ruth Barohn

Springsteen brought the "college kid" up onstage for a duet and even gave him his own guitar to play.

"The fact that I was standing right next to Springsteen, trading off verses with him, singing his song from 1984 was just an unforgettable experience," Aucoin said. "When watching the video, it looked like he was having more fun than I was, which says a lot about the kind of guy he is."

Aucoin picked "No Surrender" because it's a fun song and one he knows how to play on the guitar, which he just recently picked up after getting the instrument for Christmas last year.

Springsteen and Aucoin playing "No Surrender" in Philly Friday night.Courtesy of Ruth Barohn

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When the song ended, Aucoin went over and thanked Springsteen for all he does for his fans and the Boss responded, saying, "Dude, that was so good. You killed it!"

Before going back down into the crowd, Aucoin's dad threw him his cellphone so that he could snap a quick selfie.

Matthew Aucoin and Bruce Springsteen onstage after their duet to "No Surrender."Courtesy of Matthew Aucoin

"I still can't believe it happened," Aucoin said. "Springsteen is the only artist who could do something like this for me, so for that, I'm forever grateful."