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'19 Kids and Counting' family explains gun photo

A photo featuring a grimfaced member of “19 Kids and Counting’s” Duggar family, an exchange student and four firearms appeared to capture an alarming scene, but family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar insists there was nothing to worry about. His son, John David, knows how to handle a gun.

“John said 'Hey dad, is it OK if we go do some target practice?' and I said sure, that's fine, because John is very responsible with guns,” Jim Bob told Radar Online. “He's been going to gun-safety classes.”

According to mom Michelle, the photo was just an example of the boys having a little pre-shooting fun.

“They were both being silly before they went to target practice,” she explained.

Despite the laughs that led to the picture, shooting is serious business for the Duggars. The family is known to hunt for their supper sometimes and with so many mouths to feed, a sure shot counts — especially when the target is so very small.

“Squirrel meat is really good,” Michelle confessed with a laugh before adding, “You need a lot of squirrels to feed our family.”