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'16 and Pregnant' family to sue MTV

On Tuesday night’s episode of the MTV’s "16 and Pregnant," viewers were introduced to new mom Christinna Robinson, her then-boyfriend-turned-husband Isiah and her biggest critic, his grandmother Kathleen Green.

Throughout the show, Green could be seen giving Robinson a hard time and blaming the teen for ruining her grandson’s future. But according to Green, that edit didn’t reflect reality.

“Nothing that aired is what happened,” Green told TMZ.

Well, of course, the scenes that made the cut actually happened, but Green claims other relevant details were omitted, especially those that concerned the DNA test she bought for Robinson.

“They didn’t show that (Christinna) had told us she had had sex with some other guy,” Green said in her own defense.

As for the teen mom at the center of the show, Robinson addressed Green’s on- and off-air actions in a post-show interview.

“I think (Kathleen) always points the finger at me, and she never looks at the whole picture,” Robinson said. “She blames me for Isiah not taking his (football) scholarship.”

Green told TMZ her family intends to sue MTV for defamation as a result of the episode.