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This 13-year-old boy met the voice of Bart Simpson — see his amazing reaction

A 13-year-old boy got the surprise of his life when the voice of Bart Simpson approached him.
/ Source: TODAY

A young "Simpsons" fan was met with an amazing surprise while selling cookies: He met Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, herself.

In fact, Cartwright — who has voiced Bart on "The Simpsons" since 1989 — walked up to him and began asking him questions about his sales.

Seemingly impressed by his high sales goals, Cartwright decided to introduce him to everyone's favorite 10-year-old — and the adorable exchange can be seen in this video.

After asking him how old he is, and guessing the wrong grade by one year, she comes back with the best response ever.

“I’m 10. I’m 10 and I go to Springfield Elementary,” says Cartwright in the video. “I’m Bart Simpson, put ‘er there, man.”

You can see a sense of confusion flash across James’ face.

“That’s a really good impression,” said James.

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Cartwright shrugs her shoulders and lets out a knowing laugh.

“Do you know the guy that does it (the voice)?” asked Cartwright. “You know who the voices are in that show?”

James is stunned. Still not fully comprehending what’s going on.

“Well shake my hand,” says Cartwright in the voice of Bart.

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James clutches her hand for a long time with his mouth gaping in full astonishment.

Cartwright proceeds to high-five James and then she makes sure to purchase some of the candy bars he's selling.

As she’s pulling off, she even drops by to give him a card proving that she’s the voice of Bart, and solidifying his bragging rights to all of his middle school friends.

Cartwright took to Twitter to respond, letting James know she was just as honored as he was.