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13-year-old 'About a Boy' star charms with wit, 'devilishly handsome' looks

Benjamin Stockham may not be a household name yet, but trust us, he will be. The 13-year-old charmer stopped by TODAY Friday to talk about his new series, "About a Boy," and to show the world just what a rising star looks like.

In "About a Boy," Stockham plays Marcus, an odd-ball neighbor kid based on the young central character from the 1998 book and 2002 movie that share the same name as the series.

"He's a bit of a ... I guess you can call him weird," Stockham explained. "He's not just weird though, he's actually a nice kid. If you get to know him, you could be great friends with him."

But when asked if he was anything like his character, he was quick to deny it.

"Except for the devilishly handsome good looks," he added.

That polished quip prompted Kathie Lee Gifford to explain that Stockham is really a 22-year-old in disguise.

"(I'm) actually 34, but I am honored," the teen deadpanned.

When Stockham isn't busy in front of the camera, he's busy getting an education, and he boasted, "I'm pretty smart."

Gifford suggested, tongue-in-cheek, that he also was modest.

"Nail on the head!" he shot back.

There's no doubt Stockham made two fans in Gifford and Hoda Kotb, but does he think he'll win over "chicks" in general when they see his show?

"I mean, if they like it, they like it," he said smoothly. "I'm perfectly fine with that."

See if you like it when the commercial-free series premiere of "About a Boy" airs Saturday night after the Olympics on NBC.