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12-year-old Grace VanderWaal snags 'America's Got Talent' crown

Look out Taylor Swift; you may have a new rival in the music industry.
/ Source: TODAY

Perhaps the runners-up, The Clairvoyants, knew this was coming all along?

Grace VanderWaal, whom Simon Cowell likened to Taylor Swift back in June, was crowned the winner on Wednesday night's "America's Got Talent" season 11 finale.

The 12-year-old from Suffern, New York, was awarded $1 million for her talent, and will also headline her own Las Vegas show in October.

Grace VanderWaal with Nick Cannon and The Clairvoyants as the results are being read on "America's Got Talent."Trae Patton/NBC

The runners-up were the pair of Austrian mentalists, The Clairvoyants.

"It was just so unbelievable," she told TODAY afterward. "I still feel like I'm living that dream."

When the announcement was made, Grace fell to her knees and burst into tears as showers of confetti fell. Were they tears of joy, asked host Nick Cannon?

Grace VanderWaal performing "I Don't Know My Name."Trae Patton/NBC

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"Yes, of course!" she told him.

During the show she played a reprise of her audition song, "I Don't Know My Name" and new tune "Clay," once again charming the crowd with her folky vibe and mature, quavering voice.

Naturally, there was much Twitter conversation afterward between young Grace, the judges and the rest of the world:

But not only is she a great talent, Grace apparently has a sense of fashion, noting after the show, "Just in case I won I wanted to wear something super-duper cute, and it actually happened!"

We particularly loved the candy bracelet. It's a sweet as you are, Grace. Congratulations!

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