11-year-old ballerina will make history as first black Marie in NYC Ballet's 'The Nutcracker'

Her mom said when she told Charlotte she would be the very first black star, her daughter replied, “Wow. That seems a little late.”
Charlotte Nebres auditions for "The Nutcracker."TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP via Getty Images
/ Source: AP (Associated Press)

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York City Ballet’s production of “The Nutcracker” has cast a black dancer to play Marie for the first time.

The New York Times reports Charlotte Nebres will star in this year’s rendition of the company’s production, which started in 1954

Nebres is a student at the School of American Ballet. Her mother’s family is from Trinidad and her father’s family is from the Philippines.

Charlotte Nebres gets ready to audition for the New York City Ballet's "The Nutcracker."TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP via Getty Images

The 11-year-old Nebres says she remembers being inspired by Misty Copeland becoming the first African American female principal at American Ballet Theater.

Nebres will be joined by a diverse group of young leads.

Nebres’ Prince, Tanner Quirk, is half-Chinese. Sophia Thomopoulos, who will also play Marie, is half-Korean, half-Greek. Sophia’s Prince will be played by Kai Misra-Stone, who is half-South Asian.