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10-year-old steals the show from 'Black or White' co-stars Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer

It is not an easy job to steal the show from two Oscar-winning actors. But by all accounts, that's what Jillian Estell, the young lady at the center of "Black or White" (which also stars Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer), does in her new film. 

And she did it again during her visit to TODAY on Friday!

"I didn't know who Kevin was [before the movie]," the 10-year-old admitted while sitting next to her co-stars in the studio. "But the reason being was because his movies were all PG-13 and ... when I got the part I had turned 9, and that was the day they called me."

Afterward, she watched "Field of Dreams." But Estell was completely up on who Spencer was.

"I had already seen the movie that Octavia was in, 'The Help,' when she serves the poop pie," grinned Estell.

All righty then! The thing is it's hard to ignore such a winning smile, and Costner gave her props for being such a natural actor, pointing out a scene where he's reading to her in bed.

"She filled me back up as a person and literally handed me my performance in that particular scene," he said.

"Black or White" opens in theaters today, Jan. 30.

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