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10 red carpet tips from Joan and Melissa

Make sure to look at yourself in the mirror before you leave home
/ Source: The Associated Press

This Sunday, eyes around the world will be focused on the Shrine Auditorium as Hollywood celebrates the 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. The evening will have a special meaning for us because sometime during our pre-show on the TV Guide Channel, we will conduct our 1000th red carpet interview!

Over the years, we have witnessed glorious red carpet triumphs as well as numerous red carpet fiascoes. Remember the American Express girl, Cher’s Titanic hat and Bjork?

So, with just a few days remaining until the broadcast, we want to congratulate all the nominees and offer 10 tips for arrival survival to those industry freshmen who may be facing this glaring media gauntlet for the first time:

Tip No. 1: Enjoy yourself!
Melissa: Be positive. Look around! You’ve made it to the Emmy Awards!Joan: This is not the time to sulk. So what if your limo was 10 minutes late? You’re not in Kansas or Toledo or Boise anymore. Smile. Show everybody your new caps.

Tip No. 2: Wear comfortable shoes.Melissa: This is a night when no one sits down. You’ll be on your feet for hours, from the red carpet to the after-parties.Joan: Be sure to break your shoes in at home. Wear them around the house for at least two hours and scuff up the bottoms so you don’t take a header on the R.C.Melissa: But if you do wear flats, don’t go to extremes and wear high-top sneakers as Cybill Shepherd did several years ago.

Tip No. 3: Look at your outfit in a mirror.
Front, back, sides all angles.Melissa: And look at it under bright lights. Many dresses become transparent in the sun or in front of camera light, so watch out. Remember when J.Lo’s dress became sheer on camera at the Oscars?Joan: Viewers really don’t want to know if you’re wearing a thong or nothing at all under your Badgley Mishka.

Tip No. 4: Be gracious.
Especially to the fans.Joan: They’ve stood in the hot sun for hours waiting to see you. Smile as you sign autographs.

Tip No. 5: Come alone or bring an escort who knows the industry.
This is not the time for a first or second date with someone new to show business.Joan: Tonight is all about you networking to advance your career. It ain’t a party, darling.Melissa: Yeah, you don’t want to baby-sit a star-struck cousin who is fresh off the farm. Or to worry about whether Paris Hilton has disappeared into the bathroom with your date.

Tip No. 6: Wear a lot of jewelry.
A person can never have too much bling. The Three 6 Mafia taught me that at the Oscars.Melissa: This is a night to look like a princess.

Tip No. 7: Sweat-proof your hair.
It will be a long, hot evening, so be sure your stylist creates a do that won’t wilt under the heat and the lights.Joan: We love updos and hair extensions. Go Carson Kressley!

Tip No. 8: Know the names of your designers.
And how to pronounce their names correctly. Is this a joke coming from me or what?Melissa: If people have been generous enough to lend you a gown or jewelry, acknowledge them.Joan: Even if you have to tattoo their name on your wrist.

Tip No. 9: Prevent wardrobe malfunctions.
There is no excuse for that kind of unwanted exposure.Joan: Use double-sided tape! If they want to see more of you, make them buy a magazine.

Tip No. 10: Plan ahead, unlike us.
We never know what we are going to wear until the last minute.Melissa: It depends on how I feel that day.Joan: It also depends on what is left after the nominees have picked through everything. Just once I’d like to wear a dress that didn’t have Nicole Kidman’s sweat stains.