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10 most shocking 'Bachelor' and 'Bachelorette' moments

From the "Rated-R" wrestler, to a surprising change of heart, the past 20 seasons have provided some of the biggest reality TV stunners ever!
/ Source: Access Hollywood

With “The Bachloerette” in full swing & the return of “Bachelor Pad” drawing near, takes a look back at the top 10 most shocking moments in “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” history!

From the “Rated-R” wrestler, to a surprising change of heart, the past 20 seasons have provided some of the biggest reality TV shockers ever!

10. Wes Hayden, the singing cowboy (“Bachelorette” Season 5): As Wes once bragged, he was the first “Bachelorette” contestant to ever make it the top four ... with a girlfriend. He fooled Jillian by serenading her with one of his original, country tunes and making sure she knew he was “there for the right reasons” and not to promote his music career. Did we mention he kept playing his own music over and over? What promotion?!?

9. Jesse Palmer, the Bachelor with a short-term memory (“Bachelor” Season 5): Former NFL quarterback Jesse must have been sacked a few too many times, because he accidentally sent a girl home after forgetting her name, and giving her rose to someone with a more memorable moniker. But now, no one remembers any of their names, so it doesn’t really matter after all.

8. Bentley Williams, the heartbreaking liar (“Bachelorette” Season 7): While Michelle Money may not be the most reliable source, “Bachelorette” Ashley Hebert should’ve thought twice before becoming completely obsessed with Bentley. After a few minutes of talking to Season 7’s bad boy, she was practically ready to walk down the aisle with him. All the while, Bentley fantasized about Emily Maynard, and laughed about breaking “the ugly duckling’s” heart. In true “Bachelorette” form, he, of course, returned to the show.

7. Brad Womack & Emily Maynard, the awkward public debut (“Bachelor” Season 15): Bentley probably cried as dream girl Emily got engaged to bachelor Brad, but after watching the “After the Final Rose” special, those tears quickly dried because it was obvious that their relationship was going nowhere, fast. Not only had they already broken up and gotten back together, but it’s a bad sign when a guy’s family asks his new girlfriend if “the bear” has come out yet. It appears angry bear Brad is meant to be a bachelor forever.

6. Kasey Kahl, the suitor that got tattooed (“Bachelorette” Season 6): One of the few folks on this list with good intentions, Kasey will be forever remembered in “Bachelorette” lore for wanting to “guard and protect” Ali Fedotowsky’s heart — and he even got the tattoo to prove it! He was inspired to get the 6-inch wrist tat after Ali tried to send him home after an awkward date. Usually, when someone gets eliminated, they hop into the limo, cry a bit, and then appear on “Bachelor Pad.” But Kasey begged to stay, got a tattoo, got eliminated ... and is now appearing on “Bachelor Pad.”

5. Justin Rego, the 'Rated-R' wrestler (“Bachelorette” Season 6): Where to begin? First of all, he faked a broken leg from one of his wrestling endeavors. Next, he had a girlfriend back in Canada that he was trying to profess his love to while on the show. To top it off, he had a secret girlfriend that his real girlfriend didn’t know about! It all culminated with a low-speed hopping-on-one-foot chase through the foliage of a hotel patio, with Ali screaming at him as he limped away, never to be heard from again ... until he too joined “Bachelor Pad.”

4. Jake Pavelka & Vienna Giraldi, the messy on-air fight (“Bachelor” Season 14): In true “Bachelor” fashion, Jake and Vienna decided to extend their 15 minutes by airing their dirty laundry out on national television. In an intimate heart-to-heart with Chris Harrison and a live audience, their true colors came out. From not kissing enough, to passive aggressive comments about whether or not Jake actually was a pilot, they covered the whole spectrum of fascinating conversation topics, all ending with Vienna storming off in tears. Someone pass us a tissue.

3. Brad Womack, the first time around (“Bachelor” Season 11): When the magical moment came for the southern gentleman to get down on one knee, Brad shocked everybody by sending both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft home without a ring. Even though he was honest and decided not to get into an unhappy relationship (which he would later return to the show to do. See: No. 7), he quickly became one of reality TV’s most hated men for breaking too many hearts.

2. Rozlyn Papa, the on-set scandal (“Bachelor” Season 14): A classic line in the "Bachelor" series is, “They aren’t here for the right reasons.” In Rozlyn’s case, she wasn’t there for the right person. Rozlyn was one of the very lucky ladies that were given the opportunity to fight for Jake’s “Wings of Love.” Instead, she decided to pursue the affection of a producer. While she claimed their relationship was never sexual, both of them were fired. Only in Hollywood.

1. Jason Mesnick, the one who changed his mind (“Bachelor” Season 13): Jason proposed to Melissa Rycroft on the finale, leaving Molly Malaney single, roseless and ringless. But on the “After the Final Rose” show, Jason broke the news to his fiancée (and the world) that he was actually in love with the girl he let go. Viewers were shocked not only because he had changed his mind, but because Melissa started to talk about herself in the third person ... “Why won’t you fight for Melissa?” Molly and Jason are now married. Only on “The Bachelor”…