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10 most memorable MTV Movie Award moments

From shocking smooches to bare backsides and from superstar dance-offs to stinging insults from the shows’ variety of hosts, it’s all gone down at the MTV Movie Awards.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

From shocking smooches to bare backsides and from superstar dance-offs to stinging insults from the shows’ variety of hosts, it’s all gone down at the MTV Movie Awards throughout the years.

With only two days to go until the 2011 bash, is taking a look back at the Top 10 Most Memorable Movie Award moments from years past.

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No. 10: Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller pitch ‘Titanic 2’ to James Cameron (2007)
What could possibly top the success of James Cameron’s epic blockbuster, “Titanic”?

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Well, in 2007, before Sam Worthington became a household name thanks to “Avatar,” it was the idea of “Titanic 2,” of course!

“Sequel. Kaboom!” Vaughn told legendary director Cameron during a video spoof screened during the show. “We all know that the big boat goes down. But the people — what if they didn’t die?”

Vaughn, along with fellow funnyman Stiller, proceeded to pitch a “Titanic” follow-up film based on the idea that drowned victims of the shipwreck tragedy had survived in an air pocket deep below the ocean’s surface.

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“You know what I think? [Your idea] blows,” Cameron declared.

No. 9: Jim Carrey’s bizarre acceptance speech (1999)
Carrey was honored with the Best Male Performance award for his role in “The Truman Show” in 1999, but, when the veteran comedian took to the stage to accept his golden popcorn, he was almost unrecognizable. The funnyman seemed to be channeling a Jim Morrison-esque character — complete with a full beard and long, stringy hair.

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After declaring that he’d decided to embrace his true, trippy-hippie self, Carrey accepted the MTV award on behalf of his “new biker friends,” summing up his speech by belting out a few lyrics from Eric Clapton’s “Let It Grow,” and surveying the room for sexy female stars.

“There’s some fine-lookin’ [expletive] in this room tonight — I’ll tell you that much,” he said as the puzzled audience looked on. “Peace, love.”

No. 8: ‘The Brady Bunch’ gets ‘Basic’ (1993)
In a moment that was both hilarious and slightly disturbing, the cast of the beloved ‘70s sitcom “The Brady Brunch” reenacted “Basic Instinct’s” famed police interrogation scene in a video shown during the ’93 awards.

Florence Henderson appeared as Sharon Stone’s provocative crotch-flashing femme fatale for the spoof, and admitted to having sex with Sam the Butcher as investigators — played by former “Brady Bunch” castmates Barry Williams, Christopher Knight and Susan Olsen — looked on.

“He gave me a lot of pleasure, and a 30 percent discount on rump roast,” Henderson said with a wink.

No. 7: Sacha Baron Cohen and Will Ferrell’s massive makeout session (2007)
Cohen and Ferrell will do just about anything for a laugh — and the fearless pair proved just that when they accepted 2007’s Best Kiss award for their “Talladega Nights” lip-lock.

After feigning anger with Ferrell for failing to return his calls since they “last kissed,” Cohen slapped his co-star across the face and called the “Saturday Night Live” alum a “total b----.”

The bearded duo then proceeded to lean in for a heated makeup kiss, which lasted for nearly a minute, and ended with the two rolling around — bodies entwined — across the stage.

No. 6: Sarah Silverman skewers troubled starlets (2007)
When comedian Silverman took the reigns as host in 2007, she seized the opportunity to get in jaw-dropping, pointed jabs at Paris Hilton, who was due to surrender to jail to serve a 23-day sentence at the time.

“In a couple of days, Paris Hilton is going to jail. ... She is totally going to get special treatment,” Silverman said, as the cameras focused in on a steel-faced Hilton seated in the audience. “As a matter of fact, I heard to make her feel like more comfortable in prison, the guards are going to paint the bars to look like penises.

“I just worry that she’s going to break her teeth on those things,” Silverman added while the audience roared with laughter.

Silverman also took on Lindsay Lohan, saying that the former “Mean Girls” star made her “sad.”

“Whatever happened to that poor, sweet freckle-faced little girl who only went to rehab once?” Silverman asked as the crowd cheered. “She needs structure. She needs a father figure. She needs someone that will take the time to tell her that she is a rude little pig.”

No. 5: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s first non-‘Twilight’ lip-lock
After successfully teasing millions of Twi-hards during their 2009 Best Kiss win (they leaned in as if they were going to kiss, then backed away at the last moment), “The Twilight Saga” stars gave the audience a little taste of what they wanted during their second consecutive win in 2010.

As their acceptance speech drew to a close, Stewart playfully taunted the crowd saying, “I guess we’re supposed to kiss each other?”

The charming couple playfully avoided locking lips for a few tension-filled moments before RPattz grabbed Stewart and quickly planted a kiss right onto his gorgeous co-star’s mouth.

No. 4: Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams recreate ‘The Notebook’ kiss (2005)
“I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you everyday for a year ...”

It was the kiss felt ‘round the world as “The Notebook” stars celebrated their Best Kiss win by recreating their passionate reunion smooch for thrilled fans — straddle jump and all!

No. 3: ScarJo smooches Sandy (2010)
In her second televised appearance since announcing the adoption of her son, Louis, and her divorce from Jesse James, Sandra Bullock accepted the Generation Award and assured fans that despite her recently tumultuous personal life, she wasn’t “going to go anywhere.”

Bullock’s past co-stars Bradley Cooper (“All About Steve”) and Betty White (“The Proposal”) presented the award while Scarlett Johansson — whose then husband, Ryan Reynolds, also joined Bullock in “The Proposal” — awkwardly stood idly by.

“Scarlett, I really love you and all, but this is really uncomfortable. Why are you here?” Bullock asked the “Iron Man 2” vixen.

“I’m here because Ryan couldn’t be here, and I wanted to be here when you accepted your award for Best Kiss,” Johansson said, referring to an award the pair lost to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart earlier in the night. “I thought you should’ve won because it was sweet, and really soft.”

After some hesitation, the two women shared a smooch.

“Now that we have done that, can we please go back to normal?” Bullock said, referencing her tabloid travails of the last few months. “Therapy is really expensive.”

No. 2: Bruno’s bare-bottomed surprise (2009)
Quick — where’s the eyewash?!

A cherubic Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen’s flamboyant persona) descended from the rafters wearing nothing but white angel wings, knee-high boots and a bottom-baring harness, planting his exposed backside squarely in the face of Eminem.

After a flutter of feathers and wild wing flapping, the disgusted rapper freed himself from Bruno’s awkward landing and angrily stormed out of the building.

Days later, show producers admitted the incident was completely pre-planned, proving Slim Shady has quite the sense of humor!

No. 1: Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez dance it out (2010)
Finally, who could forget Tom Cruise dancing as his genius “Tropic Thunder” character, mega-producer Les Grossman, to the tune of Jennifer Lopez’s “Get Right”?

After kicking “Hangover” stars Ed Helms and Ken Jeong off of the stage, the actor (as Les) appeared in all of his male-pattern baldness and suspender-wearing glory to perform a synchronized dance alongside the stunning Lopez.

Cruise and J.Lo even threw in a couple of booty smacks before the then-47-year-old actor dove into the splits, while his supportive wife, Katie Holmes, cheered him on from the crowd.