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Zoo workers play mom for rejected baby gorilla

Al Behrman / Today
Wearing a suit to mimic a gorilla's fur, Cincinnati Zoo staffer Ashley Chance carries a three-month-old western lowland gorilla named Gladys in the outdoor gorilla exhibit on Tuesday, April 30.

These Cincinnati zoo workers have traded their regular clothes for gorilla suits, and are doing their best impressions of primates to make a baby gorilla feel at home.

The gorilla, named Gladys, was born on Jan. 29 at a Texas zoo, and the humans had to step in when her mother abandoned her and would not care for her.

Dressed in furry vests and black suits, the workers are trying to mimic the touch, feel and look of the baby animal's mother as closely as possible to prepare her to move in with two female gorillas who may adopt her.

Check out these adorable pictures from the baby's bonding moments with her caretakers:

Al Behrman / Today
Chance and zoo worker Ashley O'Connel (right) are helping the baby gorilla prepare for life with two female gorillas, who may care for her.
Al Behrman / Today
Chance pets Gladys as she sleeps in her lap,
Al Behrman / Today
Chance holds a banana for Gladys in the outdoor gorilla exhibit.
Al Behrman / Today
Silverback and primate center team leader Ron Evans carries Gladys into the outdoor gorilla exhibit for her first time.