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Pets & Animals

Cute alert! Check out this adorable, toe-nibbling Arctic fox

If walking around Iceland means you get to play with a cute Arctic fox like the one in this video, we're booking tickets and packing our flip-flops now.

In a video posted to YouTube this month, a cute fox pup can be seen rolling around and nipping at a man's bare toes. Even the person videotaping can't help but "aww" at the cuteness.

"It's so adorable. It's trying to eat me," the man says in the video, which was first spotted by HelloGiggles.

"This little guy found us in Heydalur, Westfjords, Iceland," the YouTube poster captioned the video, uploaded on Oct. 14. "It was an Arctic Fox that decided to be incredibly adorable while trying to eat my foot."

After that display of affection, this little fox just might be our new favorite animal.