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Young boy tries to wrangle kittens, and fails adorably: 'We got more situations'

This video of a little boy trying to wrangle kittens and failing is just absolutely adorable. It will undoubtedly make you smile.
/ Source: TODAY

Your day is about to get a whole lot better. Trust us on this one. We couldn't help but crack a smile while watching this insanely cute video.

One little boy named Ryder had a "real tough" situation to deal with — a situation of kittens, that it is. Life as a kitty wrangler can be tough (remember this ad?), and boy, can we sympathize with Ryder.

As he tries so hard to get the "situations" under control, new situations emerge. Kitty corral, anyone?

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"We got three situations," says Ryder so adorably as he tries to get the kittens to sit on a blanket.

But these kitties have no interest in listening to the master kitty wrangler, instead that would rather follow Ryder around. So each time he plops one down on the blanket, what do they do? Follow Ryder of course. These are some sly kitty cats.

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"Now we got more situations," says Ryder as he gets frustrated bringing the kittens back and forth.

But luckily Ryder doesn't give up. He's relentless with his kitty-corralling duties. And thanks to the kittens' lack of listening skills, this makes for an absolutely precious video.

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"How are we gonna get all these situations?" says Ryder as his frustration grows. Looks like someone literally let the cat(s) out of the bag with this one!

While the kittens are cute, it's Ryder, the kitty wrangler, that steals the show. We'll be hitting play over and over again on this one.