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Wounded military dog Rocky reunited with his veteran dog dad: 'Bonded for life'

/ Source: TODAY

Who doesn’t get emotional watching clips of veterans reuniting with their loved ones after service?

Well, this one is doggone precious.

Military dog Rocky and army specialist Andrew Brown first bonded while serving in Afghanistan last year. After a road-side bomb injured both Rocky and Brown injured in December, the two received matching Purple Hearts for their service (you might remember this viral photo of them recovering together).

A road-side bomb in Afghanistan left Rocky so wounded, some people didn't know if he would be able to walk again.TODAY

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Shortly after, Rocky was sent to a hospital in Germany while Brown stayed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. After months of rehabilitation on Rocky’s back leg, which was shattered in the blast, he’s finally up and moving again… and just made the journey home to Brown’s care.

Their reunion was compared to the moment when a long-deployed soldier finally sees family again.

“He saw me and he was like, “Oh, there’s my dad!” said Brown.

Rocky just made the journey back home to Brown’s care.TODAY

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Rocky is still on active duty, so later this weekend he will report to Fort Hood in Texas. The brass there will decide if it's time for the canine to return to the fight or retire. If the latter comes to pass, Brown says Rocky is family and “will always have a home.”

Bonded in service, bonded for life!