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Why Vanessa Lachey says her 11-year-old dog is her family's 'first born'

In the fifth episode of "My Pet Tale," Vanessa Lachey explains how her dog Wookie fits into her family and how he resembles a famous Star Wars character.

Vanessa Lachey has a full house: three kids, husband Nick Lachey and a dog named Wookie, who makes sure his presence is known. In the fifth episode of "My Pet Tale," Lachey explains how Wookie fits into her family.

“Wookie's our first born,” she told TODAY. “He’s the oldest guy, and honestly a lot of times he's the most high maintenance. He's picky with his food, he's the loudest, he needs the most attention. But, hey, that's what comes with being the oldest.”

The now 11-year-old pup taught her a great deal about motherhood before she started having kids.

“You have to remember for their upkeep, for their hygiene, for their nutrition, for their love. You have to always be aware of them, and you can't just do you.”

Soon after the Yorkiepoo came into their lives, Nick proposed and then they started to expand their family. After all these years, Wookie’s still an important part of their family.

“Every time we come home he's still excited to see us, and it's a beautiful thing to watch, and to be a part of,” she said. “You still feel loved and he's the best.”

Vanessa Lachey currently hosts "Top Chef Junior" on Universal Kids.

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