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Why Dylan Dreyer's dog is the best big sister to Calvin

In the fourth episode of “My Pet Tale,” Dylan Dreyer gushes over the sweet bond her dog has with her 1-year-old son, Calvin.

Dylan Dreyer’s dog Bosco has been around for many of the different stages of her life.

She and husband Brian Fichera brought the miniature Schnauzer into their lives when they first started dating. Then, after her son Calvin was born, Bosco adjusted wonderfully to having a new addition to the family.

“It’s amazing how kind Bosco is to Calvin and how patient she is,” she said.

Bosco was named after George Costanza’s favorite chocolate syrup and ATM password on “Seinfeld.”

“When Bosco was brown, we decided this was the perfect fit!” she said.

She always knew Bosco would be a part of their family — and fit in perfectly — from the moment they got her.

“She’s just the sweetest dog and we knew that about her the second we got her. She just came into our lives and it was like she was meant to be there the whole time.”

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