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By Brittany Jones-Cooper

Meet Daisy and Cooper, two adorable dogs that love ice cream cones. But they have one small problem: Cooper doesn’t like to share. (Who does, really?)

In a YouTube video posted last month — that has amassed more than 200,000 views — the dogs' owner announces that she bought them an ice cream cone. But then something weird happens. Cooper is instructed to sit back and wait as Daisy is given the first licks. It may sound like the owner is playing favorites, but as the video continues, we quickly understand that Daisy’s preferential treatment is purely out of necessity. 

So what happens when Cooper gets his turn? Let’s just say that that he doesn’t believe in little bites. Brain freeze alert!

Disclaimer: WebMD and other pet experts do not recommend feeding dogs dairy products, as it can lead to upset puppy tummies and allergies.

Brittany Jones-Cooper is a blogger and producer. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.