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What's cuter than a baby meerkat? Six baby meerkats!

The mini meerkats enjoying a cuddle. Last year, visitors voted for meerkats as their favorite animals at the Vienna zoo.

Visitors often fawn over this meerkat family that resides at the Schöenbrunn Zoo in Vienna — and now there’s more of them to love. Six little ones were born at the zoo on June 2.

Meerkats will often get up on their hind legs to keep on the look-out for predators.

“We are of course thrilled that all six are doing great at the moment,” the zoo’s director Dagmar Schratter said in a press release. “At birth, meerkats are blind and naked. They spent the first few weeks in the safety of their burrow but to the delight of the visitors they are now already exploring their surroundings (and) running the rest of the clan off their feet.”

The little ones play with each other. Meerkats are usually found in the south of Africa.

Part of the mongoose family, meerkats typically work together to raise their young. While these meerkats only drank mom's milk during their first few weeks of life, they're now just old enough to start eating insects on their own.