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What if Batman and Superman were kittens? It'd be super cute!

Before "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice," see these kittens collide in a never-ending battle for cuteness, justice and the American way.
/ Source: TODAY

We already know what happened when Superman portrayer Henry Cavill went to Times Square. And we'll learn next week what happens when Superman faces off with Batman in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." But what if Superman and Batman were ... tiny fuzzy mewling kittens?

That you can find out right now. But fair warning: Faster than a speeding bullet, it'll make you dissolve into a mushy bowl of "awww."

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In the video, the little kittens — part of a long-standing pet rescue organization founded by Warner Bros. called Cats at the Studios. (Legend has it that Jack Warner brought cats to the studio's California back lot in 1931, and their descendants still roam.)

And clearly these kitties are ready for their close-up. In the video, Oscar and Leo wear capes, leap on one another in more than a single bound, mewl and declare victory for the cutest minute or so you're likely to have all day. And in the end, guess who wins?

Us, of course.

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It's all part of a never-ending battle: for cuteness, justice and the American way!

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