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What a hoot! Adorable eagle owl born at the National Aviary

Say hello to one of the National Aviary's newest additions! Born on March 13th, she doubled in size in just five days.

Appearances can be deceiving, but no, this fuzzy bird is not a member of the Muppets.

She's actually a Eurasian eagle owl that hatched into the world on March 13 at the National Aviary in Pittsburg, Penn. Now a bona fide adolescent (in the bird world at least), she'll soon be ready to stretch her newly-formed wings during flying lessons with mom and dad.

"She is preening, eating healthy portions and is starting to spread her wings," Aviary spokesperson Ericka Douglass told "She'll start flying in the next few weeks!"

And she'll have a pair of well-trained teachers to guide her along the way: Her parents, X (named after Mister Roger's oak tree-dwelling owl) and Dumbledore, serve as education birds at the facility.

Take a look at more photos taken during this eagle owl's first month and a half of life:

A month after birth, she began walking and making public appearances as an ambassador for her species. Here she is on April 23.
Eurasian eagle owls are the largest species of owl in the world; females are usually one third larger than males. She was the first of her species to be hatched at the National Aviary.