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Weekend TODAY anchors get scared on air by fake mouse — watch the funny video

Peter, Sheinelle and Dylan started their Saturday off with a fright from a furry friend.
There's a new Weekend TODAY co-anchor in Studio 1A!
There's a new Weekend TODAY co-anchor in Studio 1A!TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

Peter Alexander had a bit of a scare this week at the White House, involving none other than a mouse.

The NBC White House correspondent and co-anchor for Weekend TODAY tweeted on Tuesday, writing, “In other news: A mouse literally fell out of the ceiling in our White House booth and landed on my lap.”

He later showed video evidence to corroborate the story, including footage of the tiny mouse running around the room.

Peter recounted the incident to Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer during Weekend TODAY, explaining, “I was at my desk in the White House booth — NBC’s booth — you guys know it’s like the size of a guest bathroom — it’s teeny —that we share.”

“While I’m writing, a mouse literally dropped right here onto my lap,” he said, pointing to his thigh. “I looked, didn’t think it was real because it was like that big, pushed back and said, ‘Oh bleep, that’s a mouse.”

Dylan was surprised at Peter’s reaction, adding that she would’ve reacted a little differently herself if she had been in his shoes.

Dylan had the opportunity to demonstrate this first hand for audience members and fans at home, when producers for Weekend TODAY dropped a fake mouse from the ceiling right after her comment. The furry friend made Sheinelle and Dylan squeal at the interruption, while Peter looked equally frightened as well.

They all laughed it off, impressed by how the team behind-the-scenes arranged the early Saturday morning prank.