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We can't stop watching these tortoises munch on raw pumpkins

Can't tell which is more remarkable: The speed at which these tortoises eat entire pumpkins ... or the fact that they're over 100 years old.
/ Source: TODAY

We're not sure which is more remarkable: The speed at which these Galapagos tortoises down an entire pumpkin with their bare, uh, jaws ... or the fact that they're each over 100 years old.

(The tortoises, not the pumpkins.)

The elderly reptiles used their pumpkin-eating talents to help the San Diego Zoo celebrate its 100th birthday on earlier this month, and the whole thing was posted to YouTube for our viewing pleasure.

While we have to admit we were concerned not to see any chewing going on — these guys practically inhaled their respective pumpkins — we're pretty sure those giant tongues came in handy.

Seriously. Those things are enormous.

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However, a word of warning: If you're tempted to let your pets try this at home, don't! At least not with any Jack-o-Lanterns. Once you've carved a pumpkin, the mushy stuff inside can turn into a haven for bacteria.

So, while it's tempting and these turtles nearly sold us on pumpkin-noshing, too ... it's probably best to stick with a PSL.