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'We are the woooooof'? Dogs create howlingly cute charity ad 

Sing it, Rover! This is one of the many dogs appearing in a charity ad to raise money for pet-cancer research.

First there was Band Aid with “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Then came USA for Africa with “We Are the World.” And now, the dogs are having their day.

In a public-service ad that simultaneously highlights the adorableness of dogs and the comedy of Canadians, canines of different shapes and sizes perform a music video together in the proud charity-supergroup tradition.

Posted on YouTube on Nov. 4 by Ontario Veterinary College Pet Trust, the music video has a serious aim — to help fight pet cancer — but it communicates that message with maximum humor. As the song “We Could be Heroes” plays with great pathos, the dogs appear to jam out on keyboards and drums and sing into studio microphones. One dog wears earphones, and another holds drum sticks in its mouth.

“Cancer kills 1 in 4 dogs,” the ad conveys. “So, a group of us came together to ask you to help us find a cure. With a song.”

As part of OVC Pet Trust’s “Keep Cancer on a Leash” campaign, pet-food company Purina says it will match every dollar donated, up to $125,000, toward Pet Trust’s cancer-research efforts.

Be sure to watch the video all the way until the end so as not to miss the appearance of a clever cat, as well as the dogs who are standing by the phones waiting for your call!

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