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These corgis are having a better summer than you

Meet Danbi, Hare and Sasha, three corgis who appear to be having the best summer ever!
/ Source: TODAY

Though summer is a time for fun in the sun, too often our days are spent indoors, either working at the office or binge-watching Netflix at home — that is, unless you're one of these adorable corgis.

Meet Danbi, Hare and Sasha, three dogs in Seoul, South Korea, who appear to be having the best summer ever!

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Their owner, Ji Yeon Kim, 30, loves taking them to parks all over the South Korean capital. "Since they have a lot of energy, they (like) to be unleashed," Kim told TODAY via email. "But it's impossible in the city that we live in."

So she's come up with creative ways for these urban pups to let loose, like taking them camping and to dog playgrounds where they can run free.

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In a video posted to Instagram last week, one of the little dogs is seen flying out of a waterslide — in dramatic slo-mo — to LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It." The video is making a real splash with nearly 98,000 views!

The exuberant star of the clip, 11-year-old Sasha, excitedly flies out of the slide and lands gracefully in the pool, which is located at a dog park called Stardogs. "The pool is made so that dogs and their owner can use the pool together," Kim explained.

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Aside from their pool parties, the adorable fluffballs have all sorts of summer adventures planned, from birthday parties to kayaking! It's impossible not to be a little envious. (Though dogs can't drink wine, so who's really winning?)

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All three dogs are paws-itively precious. For more of their adventures, check out their Instagram!