Watch a very helpful dog hilariously assist his owner with some household chores

/ Source: TODAY

They're there to nuzzle you when you're feeling down, cheering you up with wet noses and wagging tails. They have that magical ability to turn a really bad day into a really good one. And they're the best running buddies on the planet.

Let's just say there's a reason (or several) why dogs are called "man's best friend."

But one dog in particular may have just upped the ante. His name is Finley, he belongs to Greg Baskwell, and he's really, really helpful.

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In a short video uploaded to YouTube and a series of corresponding Instagram posts, Baskwell shows off his dog's ability to lend a paw to, well, just about any household chore.

Need help brushing your teeth? Finley's your man.

Putting away the laundry? He can do that, too.

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Reading the morning comics? He may not be literate (well, not yet — let's not question the ambition of Finley Baskwell), but he can sit on a kitchen counter and hold a newspaper in his mouth like the best of them.

The list goes on. From hanging photos on the wall to washing the car to packing a suitcase, Finley's helpful antics are as practical as they are hilarious. And we're not ruling out the fact that Finley might have taken part in the arduous task of uploading all of these videos and photos to Instagram and YouTube himself, either.