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Watch these baby goats try to jump on a couch... over and over and over

These little baby goats are still finding their footing, and it's too cute!
/ Source: TODAY

These baby goats are taking the phrase "find your footing" to an whole new level.

In a video posted by YouTube user Maymo, two adorable baby goats are having a blast jumping (or trying to jump) on a velvet green couch. The video of what may be the world's cutest fail has collected more than 1,300 views since it was posted Friday morning.

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The goats are still learning how to use their limber bodies, but just can't hold back their curiosity and excitement when they realize how fun the couch is. The attempts get cuter with every try!

"Still not sure why you have goats in the house but this kind of makes me want some of my own!" wrote one person in the comments.

Another commenter offered an explanation for the adorable fail: "They're most likely better adapted to hard surfaces such as rocks, not a bouncy couch. So climbing up a steep rockface would be no problem, but a couch with a trampoline effect is harder to stay on."

Whatever the case, we're using these goats as inspiration: If at first you don't succeed, try, try (and try) again!