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Follow my leash! Watch this sly dog turn his puppy pal into a slide dog

Two golden retrievers went to the top of a slide and only one came down, at least at first. But then one gave his pal a new leash on life.
/ Source: TODAY

It was a game of follow the leader that didn't exactly go as planned. Two golden retrievers hit the playground, ready to have some fun. (Well, one was ready... the other one not so much.)

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Swings? Monkey bars? Slide? So many choices, oh my! These guys decided to take a ride on the wild side: They picked the slide.

The first golden slides down the chute without a hitch, but his puppy pal gets cold feet. Hey, we get it. It can be scary and claustrophobic going down a dark tube.

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But when Dog No. 1 sees his pal turn scaredy cat, he decides not to let it slide. Instead he takes his buddy's leash in his mouth and guides him down the slide like the true, loyal companion a dog should be. Go doggy go!

They say teamwork makes the dream work, and that certainly seems to be true here!

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