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/ Source: TODAY
By MC Suhocki

If you plan on enjoying a few too many mint juleps and risk not making it to your TV to watch the 142nd Kentucky Derby, have no fear! Jimmy Fallon's got you covered... with lots and lots of adorable puppies.

Jimmy brought back his furry friends to predict the results of the 2016 Kentucky Derby.

The puppy that reached the trough of kibble first, would be declared the winner of this year's Tonight Show Puppy Predictors.

After posting up the pups, Jimmy released the hounds!

It did not take long for the dogs to scurry down to the kibble gold mine.

The Tonight Show / YouTube

The race, however, was too close to paw-l, and came down to a photo finish.

With the help of the audience, Jimmy declared puppy No. 8, 'Mor Spirit,' the winner.

The Tonight Show / YouTube

Let's be real, everyone wins when puppies are involved!

The Tonight Show / YouTube