Watch this hero dog rescue his doggie pal from being swept away by river rapids

/ Source: TODAY

A dog in Argentina that was being swept away by river rapids got a helping paw from a canine buddy to save the day.

In a video posted by a man named Rafael Franciulli, a black Labrador chasing a stick gets pulled backward by a powerful current and looks to be headed for trouble until his doggie pal comes to the rescue.

Poc, the dog on the high ground, is able to snatch the helpless Labrador by clamping on to the branch in its mouth and triumphantly pulling him to safety.

Franciulli responded to criticism of why he didn't step in to save the dog himself by posting another video showing that the rapids the Lab was sucked into actually emptied into a wide pool of calm water, so there was no immediate danger.

Contrary to popular belief, not every dog instinctively knows how to swim by doing a doggie paddle, as it varies by the breed.

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When it comes to teaching dogs to be safe in the water by learning to swim, experts recommend avoiding excessive noise that could frighten them, using an encouraging voice, supporting their weight until they feel comfortable enough to paddle, slowly putting them into the water, and showing them how to get out of the water safely.

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