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Clever German shepherd can use the toilet and put his bowl in the dishwasher

Baron the German shepherd can load the washer, put the toilet lid down and perform other household chores.
/ Source: TODAY

Baron the German shepherd is better at household chores than we are.

Just watch the talented canine load the washer, put the toilet lid down and place his bowl in the dishwasher when he's finished eating.

Baron was trained to perform his adorable (and helpful) tricks by Linda González, who runs Hill Country K9, a dog training and behavior-modification center in Southern California.

When González and her family adopted Baron, she began posting fun videos of his tricks on an Instagram page dedicated to Baron, as well as the Hill Country K9 YouTube page.

"Baron is the face of Hill Country K9. He's the mascot and the ambassador," González told "He's the product of my work."

While the videos serve to show the finished product of Baron's training, González said making the videos can be a much more complicated process.

"The 'aiming in the toilet' video, as you could imagine, was quite hard," González said. "We had tons of bloopers!"

Baron's videos, which have racked up thousands of views, also showcase his bond with González's young son Alexander.

"He's very attached to Alexander," she explained.

González said the videos are not only fun to make, but they've been beneficial in spreading the word about her business.

"The messages and comments stating how inspirational we are, how we give people faith in their own dogs and encouraged them to work with their dogs more are the reason I do it," González explained. "If I'm on the phone with someone for an hour explaining how to get their dog to properly walk on a leash and they have success, I'm happy."

Now if they could just train Baron to separate the lights from darks next time he does laundry.