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Watch this dog get totally spooked when friend plays dead

October's a spooky month for everyone, including this dog!
/ Source: TODAY

October's a spooky month for everyone — including this dog!

Jack got quite the fright on Monday when he misinterpreted his buddy’s playful actions.

According to a tweet from his owner, Sam, Jack thought that his pal Archie was actually dead, even though Archie was doing what most dogs do for fun: playing dead!

In the video, the helpless dog barks at Archie in an attempt to get Archie’s attention, as a woman tries to calm him down.

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She comes over to Jack and starts to pet him. She attempts to calm him down by assuring, “He’s not dead,” but Jack is just too scared for his buddy’s health and continues to bark for Archie's attention.

We're curious to see what's in store for Jack this Halloween!