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Watch this adorable otter eat everything in sight

Otters are pretty cute animals, until they start eating, then they're the cutest animals ever!
/ Source: TODAY

Who knew otters could make eating so adorable?

One otter is taking the internet by storm, simply by gleefully eating!

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The Instagram account, Ponchan918, has more than 48,000 followers eager to see all the cuteness! This otter's adorable smiles during every meal are enough to warm even the coldest of hearts.

The otter finds a way to make the most boring food look exciting. Even a piece of lettuce seemed enticing in its tiny paws! (But don't be fooled by the trickery, dry lettuce is still gross.)

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From now on, every time you're eating a bland lunch, just remember this otter. Your new spirit animal will be there to show you the excitement in every meal!