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'Unflattering' dog and cat challenges bring joy to the internet

Animal owners are flocking to social media to show off the less glamorous pictures of their pets.
Daniel Baksza / Getty Images/EyeEm
/ Source: TODAY

Take a break from doomscrolling and turn your attention toward the funniest competition on social media.

"Unflattering" pet photo challenges are currently going viral on Twitter, with a special emphasis on cats and dogs. There's a hashtag for each furry friend, and social media users have been all too happy to share hilarious pictures of their cats and dogs getting up to some ridiculous antics.

Below, TODAY Pets rounded up some of the silliest entries to the online competitions.

The #UnflatteringDogPhotoChallenge features plenty of goofy facial expressions and lots of enthusiasm.

Forget toothy smiles — this pup is only focused on a tennis ball.

One canine competitor looked like he or she had already been caught celebrating.

Meanwhile, some pet parents couldn't choose just one picture to enter.

Over in the #UnflatteringCatPhotoChallenge, plenty of animal lovers submitted pictures of their cats engaging in some weird behavior.

One poor kitten looked photogenic enough, but the guilty expression and hilarious position certainly qualify as "unflattering."

Just like the dog challenge, there were plenty of goofy facial expressions.

A few cats proved that they're not just one-trick ponies and instead have a wide variety of ridiculous pouts.

Some unfortunate entries featured recent haircuts with questionable final results.

One recently shaved kitten looked more like a bobblehead doll than anybody's pet.

It's not just cats and dogs, either — a few pet owners have co-opted the hashtag to use for other furry friends.

"Can hamsters join?" asked one user, while another submitted a set of photos of some ridiculous rabbits.

It's not quite clear where the challenges originated, but the ridiculous images have been a bright light for many social media users. Pet owners seem all too happy to share the goofy, candid pictures, and users on social media are quick to share and comment on them.

Looking to enter your own pets? Just add a photo on social media with either #UnflatteringDogPhotoChallenge or #UnflatteringCatPhotoChallenge.